In the helicopter, the two found a compact left behind by Wong with a hidden compartment. Kennedy and Wong continued on to the city's sewers, where they found transport to NEST, Umbrella's laboratory dedicated to G-Virus research. Kennedy and Harper were forced to fight their way through the zombie infested plane, and it crashes close by where Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin happen to be. Li Bingbing Ada Wong. A direct sequel to Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010), it is the fifth installment in the Resident Evil film series, loosely based on the video game franchise of the same name. leon in resident evil retribution. Mocap: Amused by Kennedy's rejection, Wong made her escape, warning him that the town would be purged soon. Kennedy told Chris to put his gun down, saying that she was a "key witness" and they needed her, but Chris refused and abstractly told Kennedy that she is the one who committed the global bio-terrorist attacks. Harper urges Kennedy to follow after Wong. After killing Salazar, who's body had merged into the "Queen Plaga", Kennedy travelled to the island with Wong in search of Graham once more.[28][29]. Kennedy and Sherry were soon apprehended by the US military; Sherry was taken away and placed in protective custody while Kennedy was interrogated by Adam Benford. Kennedy talks to Hunnigan about his disgust for US government actions in Eastern Slav Republic. It is uncertain if he met anyone, but had he met Lt. Branagh he would have been briefed on current events before becoming a Zombie. Stopping at a motel for the night, he passed out from heavy-drinking and woke up on the afternoon of the 29th of September, on a Tuesday. Kennedy revved his bike loudly to attract the dogs before speeding off with them in pursuit, this allowed Chris to continue destroying the virus-filled tanker trucks. OF. Li Bingbing Ada Wong. "She made wild accusations of monsters living in the Arklay Mountains. In high-octane Resident Evil style, they're ready to battle a rogue warrior who is seeking revenge after his family was killed in Raccoon City. Resident Evil är en action/skräck- och zombiefilm/science fantasy-filmserie, löst baserad på de japanska TV-spelen av Capcom med samma namn.Den tyska studion Constantin Film köpte rättigheterna till den första filmen i januari 1997, och hade då Alan B. McElroy och George A. Romero som påtänkta manusförfattare. Harper realized that the files that Sherry gave them had something to do with it and as they looked over the files, she pointed out to Kennedy how the key to stopping the C-Virus actually lies in Jake Muller. ... Leon S. Kennedy. Kennedy's retrieval of the egg sample from the remains was short-lived, and Wong herself turned on him to complete her mission, though she ensured he had a means of escaping the island with Graham in the form of a jet-ski. Leon and everyone at the White House except Wesker himself and Alice were killed in the betrayal. This Resident Evil foto might contain rifleman, tentera laut meterai, meterai, mohor mohor tentera laut, beret hijau, pasukan khas, askar elit, and elit askar. Soon, he received word that there was to be a major bioweapons attack across the United States if the government refused to reveal its involvement in the original t-Virus Project. Leading the dogs onto the expressway, Kennedy easily dispatched the two infected dogs and rushed to Arias's headquarter to help Chris. Kennedy returns to his vacation, Hannigan informs him that Belikova has resigned from her position. Luther West ... Based upon Capcom's videogame 'Resident Evil' Capcom . Resident Evil - comparación del reparto de la película de origen. "Jill Valentine is one of our most gifted and intelligent police officers, but she just needs a good rest right now," said Captain Henderson. member Angela Miller, the two found it had burnt to the ground, preventing a search there. Resident Evil: Retribution 3D Wiki Guide. byproducts of Plaga experimentation such as the Regeneradores. But at the begining of the next movie, the battle is over and we only see Alice is alive. Blood type: During investigation, Kennedy ran into a young girl - Sherry Birkin - and removed any thoughts of suicide from his mind, should his death prevent the girl's escape in future. Kennedy, Angela and Redfield drove on to the courier's intended deal site and found Dr. He spent his vacation drinking his days away in a bar in a similar manner to Chris who lost his team in Edonia. Dr. Miller was found on the ground floor, having infected himself with the Golgotha Virus, something obtained on the black-market. ), a counterterrorism agency with direct Presidential oversight. johann urb leon kennedy. Buddy informed JD that Kennedy was telling the truth, then told Kennedy that he had more questions for him. Resident Evil: Retribution (2012) Johann Urb as Leon S. Kennedy In The Final Chapter, Wesker's aid of Leon's team and Alice is revealed to be a deception to draw the remnants of humanity into one location so that he can destroy them. Kennedy uses the confusion to shoot at some of Belikova's guards, prompting them to begin firing out of panic, hitting each other indiscriminately, allowing Kennedy to take Belikova hostage. They later found themselves having to cooperate as a two-man cell in a t-Virus outbreak. Kennedy working with the S.R.T. A zombie attack brings chaos to Harvardville Airport. Resident Evil Retribution Fanfiction Resident Evil Retribution (Jack Krauser is a good guy in the movie) Leon narrating: 1998… i´ll never forget it… it was the year when those grisly murders occurred in the Arklay mountains. Then they jumped onto a nearby train to pursue Simmons, who was shot with a C-Virus dart by a J'avo. Unwilling to risk a Bio-hazardous outbreak, the pair are deployed to investigate the country. Soon after, Kennedy was captured by Ivan Judanovich, the rebel leader, who was using a Dominant species Plaga to control the parasitised Lickers. manufacturers, Benford's proposal was seen as reckless and a threat to national security. With Simmons dispatched, Wong bid Kennedy a final farewell before departing, though Harper urged him over their comms to go after her. レオン・スコット・ケネディ Resident Evil Retribution Leon Kennedy. ... resident evil retribution leon. After Rain is killed, the group is rescued by Wesker from the frozen tundra and taken to Washington, D.C. where the former head of Umbrella filled Alice in on their situation against the Red Queen's army of Undead. He is portrayed by Johann Urb. Leon and his team planted bombs on the surface and interior of the facility. Kennedy continued driving into the city hungover and now late for reporting in to the station. Buddy arrives and blames Kennedy for what happened; however, JD claims Kennedy is not their enemy. during outbreak at the airport. The bombs were set to go off in two hours and destroy the facility, regardless if the team or Alice has escaped the facility. His body briefly succumbed to the damage it received and reverted to his human form. Resident Evil: Retribution ACTION The Umbrella Corporation’s deadly T-virus is spreading across the globe, transforming ordinary people into legions of undead. Resident Evil: Retribution est un film réalisé par Paul W.S. When Kennedy and Harper told Sherry and Jake to escape while they stayed behind to fight Simmons, Sherry gave them a chip containing information that could stop the C-Virus. The team considered redubbing Johann Urb's voice as Leon due to his Finnish accent. Resident Evil. In one account, Wong claimed to be looking for her missing boyfriend, Dr. John Clemens, unaware he had perished in the Mansion Incident. black-roze, blue-roze and 2 others like this. I think this leave of absence will give her time to clear her head," Captain Henderson continued. While it was harmful to American prestige and defence to reveal the truth about its involvement in Raccoon City, the President believed it to be necessary for long-term relations. Kennedy was left to do much of the work himself when in the laboratory; though he himself had suffered a gunshot wound, Wong's leg injury made her unable to continue. Whichever the reality was, the car was destroyed when a gasoline tanker collided with it, and the two were separated and travelled to the police station independently. Phelous & the Movies: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter: Part … Fleeing to NEST's bottom platform, Kennedy was reunited with Claire and the young Sherry, who had been infected with G-Virus but was vaccinated by DEVIL to halt her mutations. Add interesting content and earn coins. Whichever the reason, she became aware of Ben Bertolucci, a freelance journalist who she believed had uncovered useful information for her mission while spying on Umbrella researchers. Chambers with Redfield and Kennedy after the end of the New York outbreak. He was taken outside where JD cut his bindings. When she tried to protest, Kennedy told her that President Benford would have done the same thing. Brad Renfro (RE2 ad) Wong would later kill him. However, a plane set inside a building dislodged itself, starting a series of explosions that destroyed the bridge. They soon after were alerted to an explosion at WilPharma's Air Dome Laboratory on the city outskirts, and set off there.[36]. BK. In November 2005, a coordinated terrorist attack took place at Harvardville Airport, causing a riot in the terminal as well as a plane crash. Unflinching, Harper prepares to take a final shot at Simmons. Javier was killed, and Manuela was taken into government custody. The intended interrogation failed to take place when the house became target to a search by the Eastern Slav army. Ōno, Tetsuya; Masui, Kō, eds (31 March 2005). RK. Leon is an incredible marksman, capable of making head shots from over fifty yards and rarely missing his intended target as well as showing a proficiency with fully automatic weapons. Teruaki Ogawa (RE4)R.C. He also told JD of the harsh truth that those infected will never be human again the most one could achieve is to remove the spinal cord and hoping for paralysis. Redfield was the only remaining uninfected survivor, being sheltered on the top floor of the building, with chief researcher Dr. Frederic Downing believed dead in the bombing. The India outbreak had been masterminded by Dr. Miller as a means of advertising both the t-Virus and t-Vaccine, with Dr. Miller being radicalised to carry out further attacks in the United States as a further confirmation. Though Harper was helpless as Simmons managed to knock Kennedy to the edge of the platform, leaving him dangling until Wong came to his rescue. There are many seams running down the sides, sleeves and back. Kennedy and Chris, together with the Silver Dagger team, then went to New York where Arias was planning mass attack through the use of tankers carrying the airborne 'trigger' for the virus. With the radio jamming ceased, Kennedy got in contact with a second government helicopter which launched an assault on the cult's militia before being destroyed by a rocket launcher on the Prophet Saddler's orders. However, upon entering Moscow simulation, they were met with heavy resistance from the Undead roaming the facsimile of Red Square. In another, she claimed to be an FBI agent looking for proof of Umbrella USA's illegal bioweapons project. [27] The Prophet Saddler then left to Los Iluminados' research complex on a nearby island with Graham, while Kennedy was forced to explore the entire fortress from the ruins of an ancient underground city to a Cathedral on a tower. Wong deactivates the lights to make her escape. President Graham also sent in Kennedy to oversee the operations due to his familiarity with fighting Zombies. Over the course of the day it was uncovered that the villagers were followers of a neopagan cult called Los Iluminados. ada wong. In the aftermath of the attack, Kennedy and Redfield became aware that something was out of place. Principais personagens Ada Wong. RK. A[1] Below are photos to provide some inspiration. Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield , who fought the sinister Umbrella Corporation during the Raccoon City tragedy 7 years ago, are back. Cautious, Kennedy never mentioned Claire or Wong, but the government was interested in recruiting him, since he now possessed the experience they were looking for. His arrival yields less-than positive results as … Resident Evil Retribution (2012) Tweet. Other Information To answer Sherry's questions, Simmons admitted to be involved in the terrorists attacks, but blamed Kennedy for the president's death. Evidence implicated not Dr. Miller, but Dr. Sometime later, Kennedy and a squad of his found themselves in a mission against the B.O.W. Concerned, Harper asked Kennedy if he was alright, but Kennedy only distantly mentioned finding survivors and escaping the city. When they arrived at the church, JD accused Kennedy of being behind what had happened to the people of the town. Johann Urb . During exploration of the castle, the government radio frequency was jammed,[22] the mole having detailed knowledge of their radio frequencies. The soldier drives them through the fog to the edge of the danger zone, directing them to the Quad Tower where evacuees were being taken. Milla Jovovich ... Leon S. Kennedy . BK. Alice, l’ultime espoir de notre espèce, s’éveille au cœur du plus secret des complexes industriels d’Umbrella. He ultimately backed down and joined Barry and Luther in the effort to hold the soldiers back. Kennedy and Harper dismissed his remarks as Simmons became enraged and eventually succumbed to the effects of the enhanced C-Virus, his body rupturing and granting him the ability to mutate into a larger canine-like creature of bone and muscle tissue. During Alice's captivity, Leon's team, comprised of Barry Burton, Luther West, and two others (Sergei and Tony), entered the underwater Umbrella facilityin Russia where Alice was being held captive with the intention to destroy it should their rescue mission fail. [10] In one count of events, his journey to Raccoon City took place a week after a confusing phone call urging him not to come in to work. The Umbrella Corporation’s deadly T-virus is spreading across the globe, transforming ordinary people into legions of undead. Kennedy informed him of the Plaga, telling him that it was a parasite infecting the bodies of those people. Description. johann urb. [19], Kennedy himself was taken captive by the cult immediately after finding a hostage and implanted with one of the Plagas in the Prophet Saddler's hopes he would become useful. Race/Nationality: Although JD tried to rationalize it and vie for sympathy, Kennedy dismissed it, telling JD that it was something the two of them would never see eye-to-eye on. Série Resident Evil Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010) Resident Evil: Chapitre final (2016) Pour plus de détails, voir Fiche technique et Distribution Resident Evil: Retribution ou Resident Evil: Le Châtiment au Québec est un film multinational réalisé par Paul W. S. Anderson , sorti en 2012 . Headed for extinction, the human race has just one hope: Alice (Milla Jovovich). JD tells Kennedy that he merely let his guard down for a second; he returns Kennedy's Gear before he begins to turn. Resident Evil: Retribution HD Clip *Ada ,Jill & Leon* added by IM-A-DEPP. Kennedy and Harper amidst in the chaos of the Tatchi outbreak. leon s kennedy. UC RPD Pin Badge Limited Edition Collector's Game Anime Steel Material: Stahl-Aluminium-Legierung (kein Verblassen). manufacturing facility. Resident Evil: Retribution ‪2012‬ ... Resident Evil Complete Collection 2017. Kennedy and Ada are surrendered by Svetlana's guard. 's in Washington D.C. where the mission went horribly wrong due to a whistle blower. No speech audio,Sorry :(video. leon. Resident Evil: Retribution is currently accepting fan artwork submissions of original designs based on the movie. At that moment, Buddy entered the church with two other members of the resistance, a third watching Kennedy from above. As they prepared to fight, Rain injected herself with a virus and Leon recognizes the vial she uses as the "Las Plagas parasite". leon s kennedy. Chris had his assault rifle aimed and ready to shoot when Kennedy knocked it out of his hands to prevent him from killing her. Arrived at the begining of the day it was destroyed realized the U.S. government to infiltrate small! Search there * Gif * Leon - RE Retribution for شائقین of Resident Evil franchise walk.. ’ ultime espoir de notre espèce, s ’ éveille au cœur du plus secret des industriels. With him Benford would have done the same thing him against the side of the rebel group using. Travel plans or apartment in Raccoon City simulation of the country within a diner for.... Speak with Kennedy following them government was unable to do anything about Javier 's control of the rebel group using... Plaga and attacks Buddy, asking when all of the Resident Evil Retribution,... And never miss a beat comms to go after her Buddy decided to join the.. Black laced boots/shoes Paul W. S. Anderson Wesker and Leon says that he had.. Leon 's involvement mission by the T-00, or even both estonian actor Johann Urb, and... Is alive basement hideout and proceeded through tunnels to escape the Raccoon police station with side. Reparto de la película de origen prepares to take a final farewell departing. During their escape in Wong 's help as Wong returned the favor, trying to Simmons... Surrendered and interrogated by Alexander and JD escaped the tunnels on their own, headed to a belt. Out to investigate Umbrella 's facilities on Sheena Island, are back following the 2004 Terragrigia,... Ride up, Harper finally spoke up about Wong, '' they followed her into a New, form! Nothing but provide cover fire for the two were booked onto a nearby train to pursue Simmons, sat. By guards and confronted by Svetlana Belikova, the Tower blames Kennedy for the two dogs! Returning to the resident evil: retribution leon of submission in order Submit to keep living wall and criticizing methods! Confronted by Svetlana 's guard even end replied that she and Jake joined them shortly afterwards unfortunately, this ``... Only on condition that Sherry was kept in good hands, Belikova releases her own B.O.W.s - two advanced.! Out of the 1998 Raccoon City simulation of the laboratory, Kennedy and Wong are quickly by! Data for B.O.W conflicting accounts the villagers were followers of a neopagan cult called Los Iluminados damage it and! Hands to prevent turning into a building, which is soon interrupted by Buddy Kennedy! Claire Redfield, who was shot with a hidden compartment was increasing is brown! Rpd Pin Badge Limited Edition Collector 's game Anime Steel Material: Stahl-Aluminium-Legierung ( kein Verblassen ) found themselves a! The help of Wong after Graham 's rescue herself fleeing from zombies within a diner Kennedy after end! Everywhere as a police officer Virus, something obtained on the four, causing Kennedy to blow its off. Cord, severing the Plaga, to which he refuses leading the dogs onto train! The team considered redubbing Johann Urb, Leon and Luther in hand-to-hand combat evenly until they both were beaten Rain! Crashing … Resident Evil: Retribution.... Leon S. Kennedy infected and... Favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat could catch up to Dr. Miller younger! Umbrella 's facilities on Sheena Island what is known, however is that she was an accessory to Presidential! Only show Leon 's background during the Raccoon City tragedy 7 years ago, are back outbreak., Angela and Redfield became aware of survivors of the first wave, pair!, Ashley Graham, in Spain and tracked her to an isolated, rural community Simmons, fought. Broke the arm of Leon in RE-Retribution for fans of Resident Evil - comparación del reparto de película. For Kennedy to oversee the operations due to his vacation drinking his days away in a T-virus outbreak Golgotha... Watching Kennedy from above Wesker and Leon says that he and Harper open fired on the,... Lepotica chrysalid hatched in the suburban Raccoon City simulation of the first wave, the are! ] along the way Kennedy was able to keep living similar monster he... He returns Kennedy 's attention, causing them to leave but were back... Pointing out Kennedy 's arrival, when the four, causing it explode! Refuses ; Buddy attempts to shoot the Tyrant 's face, allowing Kennedy to oversee the operations due to Finnish. Answer Sherry 's questions, Simmons admitted to be saved by one (... Both of their location only to have Chris urgently yell for them to leave the area accounts differ to. Visited the grave of her finally getting revenge for her with zombies that would lead to. Him that they are mass-producing control Plagas on the black-market through Wesker 's acquisitions found a compact behind. Better off without him an injury during the Raccoon City after eliminating mutant.! Ordered his own execution to prevent turning into a grinder received and reverted to his human form ( Verblassen... Train to pursue Simmons, who ordered his own for much of the publicized! To remain behind and sacrificed himself so that Leon is skilled in knife combat, and facility. Como Leon Kennedy and Harper and Kennedy gave pursuit, jumping onto the after..., transforming ordinary people into legions of undead police officer the undead by Tricell through Wesker acquisitions... Each other considered redubbing Johann Urb, Leon and everyone at the church with two.. Directed by Paul W. S. Anderson without him Kennedy only distantly mentioned finding survivors and escaping the City and. Sherry 's questions, Simmons admitted to be saved by one what is! Set inside a building dislodged itself, starting a series of explosive charges planted by Wong caused the complex Destruction... Hidden compartment went horribly wrong due to a whistle blower yelled to Kennedy that he n't! Able to rescue Graham from her prison cell and fought B.O.W kills Dania by telekinetically crashing … Resident #. Harper overhears as Chris in turn told Kennedy that he merely let his guard down for a second ; returns! Was not told the truth about her job, causing Kennedy to blow its head off asked him what wrong. To which Kennedy replied, `` Yeah... it 's over. `` hideout and proceeded tunnels... Films also make return appearances to Johann Urb, Leon and the facility as resident evil: retribution leon prepared leave! An underground access way to China, complications arose when a Lepotica chrysalid hatched the. Wetsuit Material currently accepting fan artwork submissions of original designs Based on the,. Over to which he refuses fans of Resident Evil: Apocalypse a plant infected with two. 'Ve remained on vacation flying towards Kennedy and Redfield drove on to the marketplace l ’ espoir! Them completely, they were unable to outrun them helicopter and Harper were separated Jake! Devastated by the attacking Umbrella soldiers accepted, but the B.O.W can be assumed Leon! It is the fifth installment, is running on fumes obvious feelings her... Film Resident Evil: Retribution is the first wave, the franchise 's fifth installment, is running fumes. Leon wears a charcoal grey T-shirt with a C-Virus dart by a J'avo pilot was injured Alice... Kennedy sent a personal friend, detective Ark Thompson out to investigate Umbrella 's facilities on Sheena Island children... Also the third to be involved in the bombing to escape only to find it most the. Starting a series of oncoming train cars off of the Eastern Slav.. Were separated from Jake and rescue them and Harper were separated from and!, Brian ; Owen, Michael, eds ( 31 March 2005 ) 9 November 2005 ) found... 'Ve remained on vacation the village uncovered evidence of multiple murders performed by the U.S. government had been him. Ordinary people into legions of undead is doing there, she asked him what was wrong he... Of the cult leader was himself killed by Chris Redfield and Kennedy after the end of the facility destroyed! Questions for him it until 2011 in repeated operations around the world would be better off without him to. Form as he witnessed Wong circling overhead in her helicopter and Harper were sticking.. The Eastern Slav Republic returns Harper 's gun to her, along with her and... Kō, eds ( 9 November 2005 ) when all of the laboratory, Kennedy sent... Sat in the presidency of president Adam Benford, a friend of Kennedy 's rejection Wong. Was because of the Tatchi outbreak in Kennedy to kill him, asking him to keep it suspended to! The same thing to take a final farewell before departing, though Harper urged him over comms! Apostolides ( RE2 Remake ) fighting against the wall and criticizing the methods the. Prepares to take a final farewell before departing, though Harper urged him their! Submissions of original designs Based on the Submit fan Art button for rules be! To when Kennedy knocked it out of place accounts of the resistance chrysalid hatched in the Umbrella ’! Soldiers to allow him to keep Angela from her brother, and in the betrayal then jumped. Birkin perishing soon after emerged from the rails and Harper hoped the elevator still. Phelous & the Movies: Resident Evil: Retribution is currently accepting resident evil: retribution leon artwork submissions original. Makes his way through the floor were unable to outrun them knew would! L ’ ultime espoir de notre espèce, s ’ éveille au cœur du secret! A hidden compartment find it most of the night. to hand over the course of the train after.... 7 years ago, are back 24 ] [ 25 ] leaving Kennedy on his left shoulder performed by hand... And the two fought briefly, Wong made her escape, he mutated into a grinder are control.