It’s perfectly working now!!!!!!!!!1. Loose Key(s) Filter applied. it took me over an hour to get the ctrl key in, but I finally got it. It would’ve saved me an hour if in knew…. My spacbar fell off and one set of the retainers is broken. ok, but what if the key cap assembly KEEPS falling off? thanks soooooooo much you saved my life Thanks! thanks for the info, i bought my keys at, no one else had my Gateway NV56 laptop keys. Thank you so much for the great pictures and explanation! I RIPPED THE KEY OFF AND I COULDN’T GET IT BACK ON. my parents would kill me if they say my space key broken off, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you… u might realise by now this is a ‘laptop novice’ thanking you from the bottom of her heart. Excellent tutorial, I thought I was in for a repairshop job until I saw this, Thank you so much. If one of the metal hooks is broken, you will not be able to attach the key. This of course won’t work in the case of plastic retainer parts becoming detached from the board, and from each other. can u manage without it? I was reading a book and it sorta fell off and broke my "I: key. Can I but a new button for it? The pics were invaluable! FRED…, THANK YOU SO MUCHHHHHHHH!!!! my space bar fell off and also m key & the key next to it. My “0”(number key)popped off, when I tried to put it back on, it wouldn’t snap back in the bottom hooks. two minutes sweeping the carpet with my fingers provided the answer and then i popped the cone on, and the key back on top. Thanks a lot! When I looked at it placing under the metal hooks it only fit one way which placed it “upside down” relative to the retaining clips on the key. If any of you in need for a laptop key or how to repair it yourself check out this website: so i may need other instrutions to get that fixed any help will be really apreciate. Fortunately, it broke in a different spot so between the two sets of key retainers I could assembly a complete set. I am having trouble snapping the keys back onto my laptops keyboard. You saved my day. Great site! I can’t get my enter key on, do you have any advice for that? OMG!!! I have all the pieces, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to fix it all. Any idea of how I can get the little plastic thingies that I so desperately need? Thanks guys! Saved me BIG TIME. Am i suppose to take one of them and connect it to the other? Your instructions are absolutely perfect. thank you again!!! I barely dropped this laptop (caught it last minute) but the fall still damaged it because the « front » part of the screen fell off. thanks man! The silicon membrane is glued to the keyboard. I REALLY APPRECIATE IT I HAD TO REPLACE THE RIGHT ARROW KEY. Is there anywhere i can get one? They even had full on videos to help me install my new key and plastic parts. You can usually remove, clean, and restore unresponsive keys. Hey thanks for this i got my key back in and didn’t have to pay =]. i was so worried bout it at first. Glad I found this site…it saved me a lot of agtgavation. From your pictures above, it broke the tips off the key retainer. I have to admit that I did not feel comfortable pulling off anothr key. What letters not working properly and what numbers they are typing? It was too easy for me to fix it as I had the retainer intact. This button have always felt wrong to use, pretty hard to press down, and the latest 6 months its been pretty loose. ill get it later, thank you a lot:)helped in my desperation When logging on and asked for my password, when I press what was the key in question, nothing happens. YOU ARE WONDERFUL!!! I dont have any of the keys. One of the keys (Key B) got damaged and came off from the keypad. Did you search on eBay. I was able to kind of get one half of it to stick, but its only part on and wabbly?! Love the website, love the photos accompanying the instructions. However, the mechanisms are pretty fragile, so whatever popped off the keycap likely damaged the switch, as well. I’m glad to help. Thank you so much. Thanks again!!! i tried replacing them many times, but results aren’t good. My cat also jumped on my keyboard and my spacebar came off it’s a little different, but it works! On my IBM T42 the key retainer is smaller and can put upside down, which is the case for both the D and S (but not the rest on that keyboard line). Thanks again. It’s possible the manufacturer will replace the keyboard under warranty. I’m really greatful thanks. I was freakin out and just then came by ur website grt. We have an “f” key that we can’t get to stick in place. my U key came off , and I see by your photos that I need to remove retainers, but the 2 pieces of retainer are in the key . That’s Great info- Thanks! Thanks!! I don’t wqanna tell my becuase he will freak out on me. and i read this and did what u said and it snapped right back on. Hey its me again and i just wanna say that i found out how to put the esc-key on. FYI, I was referred to your site by an online tech at HP. This article helped me a lot. Thank you soo very much. You’ll have to replace the broken retainer. Then some of the retainers cracked and the O won’t work unless I push it super hard. this really helped alot I broke the latch and i have a completely different laptop! What can I do to fix this? I live in Germany, but would rather buy on ebay than in a store if possible. , one of my arows doesnt work is there a chance to change it another button ? Hi well two of my buttons fell off my compaq laptop because my lil daughter pulled them off. I think I’ll do some reasearch to find out who has decent customer service first. now what do you do if one of the four points are broke? The bottom of the retainer goes on but just not the top and i don’t know why. my “L” key is happily back in its rightful place! So easy with just a litle help on the way!! tks for the tip – i was panicking for a bit, until i found this. Thank you so very much! You’re amazing. Is it a metal part on the keyboard? Geek Squad wanted $75.00. As a side note, Dell Inspiron space bar keys are connected with retainers, which makes them much simpler to reinstall (and for my 8-month-old to pull off in the first place,I think). This helped bunches. Thanks for the info here. On the next picture you can see that one of the tips is missing on the retainer. into computer <–|| Just use a very small amount of the glue. It’s like if two of the points that connect the retainer to the keyboard doesn’t hold the retainer… Any ideas? any advice anyone? i love u guys thank u very much for posting this repair online. Most MacBook keys don't have the rubber key pad. thanks so much. This sounds like a problem with the keyboard. vvvvvvvv That’s my v key working properly! Thank you so much! have a greatest of all great days thank you x. Hi, been trying to find a site for months now, HOW DO YOU FIX AN ENTER/RETURN KEY? My laptop components were *exactly* like that from the connecting pins to the retainers etc and was exactly what the doctor ordered. Please reply to me e-mail at I didn’t think it was that easy to put it back in place. I saw your tutorial on cannibalizing parts from that useless menu key (I had to push it to see what it did – never used it!) I have had keys pop off before and replaced them. The platic clips were fine the membranes had peeled loose so I reapplid them and connected the metal rod correctly and snapped the key into place but the spacebar still does not generate a space in text! What do you think is the problem and is there a solution to it? I was able to fix my son’s laptop within minutes by following the step by step instructions. it wont click into place .. i got the bigger one clicked onto the actual board but theres one still on the key i dont want tok take it off cos im scared of doing more damage .. what should i do? though no bend in ends just straight. I borrowed the retainer from underneath That Key next to ALT that I never used anyway. My 9 month old son ripped the Shift key off on the left side of the keyboard. I love you! This ones been a real pleasure. If you can take a reference picture before removing the key's internal parts, do so. The computer is 4 months old. THANKS A BUNCH ! Thanks buddy, I panicked for a moment haha. Thanks sooo much for your web site!! thank you so much for the brilliant explanation………… After the cat’s misdeed, one part of the 2-part plastic retainer (the round-ish part)was still attached to the key itself. Thanks for this, my mom wiped my keyboard with a cloth and F6 and F7 fell off this really worked cant thank you enough. This saved me about 4 hours of my time! (Like right-clicking something. Hi, This guide saved my “W” key, and now I can keep playing computer games. It's thin, light, powerful and packed with features. Its all because of the nice explanation by you. Thanks so much! And snapping it back on does nothing and it continues to come back off every time? This site was a tremendous help in replacing a key that popped off of my numberpad! it still neva worked the spacebar tip did not work for my compaq laptop, I felt it snap on but I failed to succede in the bar staying on. really grateful to you. The LAST thing I want to do is to ruin another key by taking it off. Awesome! Okay, so i am having trouble clicking the key back into place. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I do not get how you stick both of them together before you plug it back into the keyboard. In addition its got goodies like built in bluetooth. I afraid you’ll have to replace the keyboard. Just so happens, it was the S key for me too!! Thank you very much, you’ve just taken my 11 year old son out of serious bad books and saved us a fortune as HP wanted us to replace the whole keypad for one broken key. Thanks. Lost my shift key for about 2 weeks and your instructions helped me fix it in less than a minute. WOW! (function() { my 4 year old son wnated to know what was below the “w indows”key cap, and with your instruction i could place it again on it’s place. but… too bad i cant get the h in now. X. I then snapped the N key on top the secured bracket, and it snapped in like a charm! My mom would’ve killed me if she saw one of the keys missing!! hi again. It’s well appreciated. Let’s take for example one of the keys with three different symbols: ?,/,+ have a nice day! The retainer is on the key that is off. Extremely Helpful better than the Dell website. I have to hide from my uncle or i will get beaten . Thank you so much! This time one of thr\e two metal hooks on the right bent and broke off. And luckily I have and IBM just like your example! When I type, they pop right out again, yet they’re clicking into place. It can't be put back on because of the broken hook. PS. tosh 2007: thank u perfect and simple i thought id have to send the hole thing back. I have a Dell Inspiron 700m. Great info@. thank you for space bar instructions.. it’s working again. Great help! This is really very very useful info. Great pictures and awesome technical writing skills! I almost died when the key from my ‘brand new laptop bought from hard earned money’ fell off. so my dad came and he was like let me see ya cumputer real quick to check sum thin so i took like 20 min to just dont give him my cumputer but my cuzzin’s…………………………………………that wuld of been so many trouble 4 me, he just boughtme this a week ago. Dang I was looking for a key to buy instead of going all out… I watched how to put a new key on but… Yeah.. And stop eating when you work on the laptop, it will help. it’s terrible when CTRL always push it self. fantastic! I could fixed my space bar! Hey, Thanks for the tutorial. Do I need to press harder? Thanks so much for this information!!! we couldnt work it out until we looked here! OMG Thank you!!! Great laptop keyboard repair instructions! It’s an acer aspire keyboard. please please please!!! Amazing. THANK YOU SO MUCH IM JUST A KID and i recked my keyboard so i had to fix it quickly without my mum or dad knowing thank you so much! comment. Be sure to note the position of the internal parts so that you can place them back later. but the problem i have is space key fell of a few weeks ago..i didn’t know how to fix it…and now the membrane has come do i fix it now??? Great site keep it up! thank you so much! with your easy instructions I was able to put the key back on with no trouble at all. qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq works great again. Thanks dude! HP says I have to buy a new keyboard or laptop, they don’t sell the parts! i have a different retainer… Toshiba laptop… Pulled off left arrow key cause it wouldnt go down anymore cause of hairs… what to do! Very easy to understand instruction, and very helpfull! The backspace key, with the retainer attached, came off and I couldn’t get it back on. Thanks. If you wish, you can remove the cap from another key and take a closer look at the good retainer and compare it with a bad one. Hurrah!This was very helpful. Thanks! My son was banging on one of the buttons and it actually came off. amazing, but since i broke one of the latches, its still very loose! I fixed my Enter key that my 11 month old daughter ripped off my keyboard. Hey I need help and it looks like you may be able to do so…SO…I have a Ibm T40 Thinkpad and the “b” key does not work at all…it doesn’t stick, it doesn’t slide, its not stuck…it just does not work…is there any way to try to clean off connections in order to maybe possibly have it work…I really don’t want to buy a new keyboard and copying and pasting b’s sucks to have to do it all the time…please let me know how you can help me..if you can help me…thank you so much. So thank you very much for the idea! Mine was for the backspace key, but it looks similar to the spacebar key in your picture. Any thoughts or hints would be appreciated! What is it called, and where do you buy one? everything is all back to NORMAL.. THANK’s AGAIN!! I can have spaces between my words! The little brace piece isnt a full square, one wall isnt there (supposed to be that way) I dont see any way on here to get it back on. Can the cap be lifted just like the keyboard keys, does it have a retainer also? The suggestion worked perfectly for me. : , Thanks so much. thanks, this helped me form a whole heap of frustration! thank you so much…. Thank you. It’s necessary to remove the top cover assemble and take a look underneath. I can’t say thanks enough, great site. Thank you so much! ^^. accidentally broke off my control key when i got frustrated and looked this up, first one i clicked and it worked perfectly. :DDDDDDDddddddddddddd. My laptop has 3 letters on a key but pressing the key display a letter and there is no how i can shift within these keys,even with shift,caplocks key. Can you buy keys anywere? BTW if anyone has had experience with other keyboards you will eventually run across the variety of key that is on a post and requires only that you place the key evenly on top of the peg and push down. Hello, I am having trouble to insert again the left key of my Lenovo X200 notebook. I saved a lot of time and frustration. Thank you… that key was driving me crazy!!!! Are there any working fix?! My “G” key broke on my laptop (the retainer was broken and unable to be repaired) So I removed the retainer from the “ALT” key on the right side of the keyboard because there’s two of the same button and snapped that into place of the “G” key. || my keyboasrd is diffrent but it works the same so i figured it out. Make sure the membrane is positioned correctly. Thanks a bunch, saved me time and money. If I had a suggestion, I would say include where I could buy retainers and such, as I only know Ebay as a semi-reliable source. I BEEN TRYIN EVERYTHING TA GET MA Y KEY BAC ON …. First, attach retainers back to the keyboard. It cracked in half. I searched frantically for quite awhile on google for possible answers and finally came across this. Awesome! I found this site via Google, read the instructions. My son pulled out a key (and all the multiple pieces user it) to eternity, when I was working on my WIFE’s laptop. These instructions were excellent. After an hour of head banging, I finally was bale to fix my key after reading your post in just 5 minutes. Likewise, if the key cap is tilted or loose, try pressing down on it to see if it snaps back into place. I just bent the hook back into place with a small screwdriver and everything snapped into place. The problem is probably in the mainboard. Exactly what I needed!! I AM DANCING AROUNG THE ROOM ROGHT NOW…IT WORKED. thank you!!! My “0″(number key)popped off, when I tried to put it back on, it wouldn’t snap back in the bottom hooks. and i looking for a down arrow key for dell inspiron mini 10 .. i looking for 1 key only …. Thank you . You can buy a new key with retainer (hinge) on the Internet for about $5. i’ll have to check my other tosihba laptop and see if the clip is the same. You are a lifesaver, I’ll be more careful when I clean the keyboard in future. Completely remove the key. Hi, So like i tried pushing really really hard to get the other side to attach like he said, well i ended up breaking the retainer!! thanks for the articles. Thank you thank you! platform. Try replacing the keyboard. Thanks!! You’re a life-saver. Now, is there some kind of trickto resnapping the key cap? Thankyou so much Do I need to buy new keyboard? It was not the easiest task, but with patience and your site I was able to snap the keys back on. A pix is worth a thousand words? . Thank you so much for taking the time to put it together. Extremely helpful – thank you! good pix dumb head like me took a few minutes to figure out but got it eventually studying the picture. If you have additional questions, please let me know by replying to this thread. thnks so much, Fantastic…was about to throw my DiNovio keyboard out due to fallen off keys…get straight forward useful advice…there should be more info like this around…, Sooo helpful! I think I could get it all to snap back, if that small black plastic piece was in place like the one on the other side. -||\ |